Sea Pilot, RMYS Big Bay Challenge and Henry Press Trophy Races

Sea pilots trophy only

Race Overview

The Sea Pilots Trophy Race is HBYC's premier race. It has been run since 1965.

The Port Phillip Sea Pilots Trophy will be awarded to the first boat on PHS of the long course (Division 1) and the Henry Press Trophy will be awarded to the first boat on PHS of the short course (Division 2).

Captain Henry Press - HBYC's First Commodore

Henry Press

Captain Henry Press (1844-1920), Port Phillip Pilot, successful yachtsman, first Commodore of the Hobsons Bay Yacht Club in 1888 and noted marine painter with many paintings in public and private collections around Australia (mentioned in the book Jolly Dogs Are We, the history of yachting in Victoria).  He was also the father to Edwin Ernest Press (22 Oct 1850 -18 March 1920), master mariner and second Commodore of the HBYC.

 2019 Race Documentation

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Long Course

Short Course

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 Past Winners


Sea Pilots Trophy

(PHS - Long Course)

Skipper Club Navigators Prize Club

Sea Pilots AMS

(Long Course) 

Skipper Club

Henry Press Trophy

(PHS Short Course)

Skipper Club
2019 The Alchemist Zark Sango HBYC     Sandpiper Ross Findlay HBYC Asterix

David Gaylor/

James Walshe

2018 Merlion E.Mackevicius HBYC     Sea Eagle Kevin Curtis RMYS Asterix

David Gaylor/

James Walshe

2017 Blunderbuss Eric Marsh HBYC                
2016 Samskara David Stoopman HBYC  Stampede SYC Remedy R. Hibbert  RMYS  Moonraker Paul Neilson/Rod Langham  HBYC 
2015 3 Ring Circus Ian Robertson HBYC     3 Ring Circus Ian Robertson HBYC Antares A

Robert Laughlin

2014 Orlan Peter Edwards HBYC      Orlan  Peter Edwards HBYC       
2013 Airframe Ian Robertson/Simon Dickins  HBYC                 
2012 Addiction McGarvie / Davidson  RMYS                 
2011 Spirit of Downunder L. Ford  RYCV                 
2010 Icefire Caulfield / Cox  RYCV                 
2009 Alex J. MacAdie  SYC                
2008 Orlan Peter Edwards  HBYC                 
2007 Spirit of Downunder L. Ford  RYCV                 
2006  Plantronics Duo Pro (Turbo) Bill Feore  HBYC                 
2005  Millennium Falcon M.Gamby  RYCV                 
2004  Clubman D. Clark  RYCV                 
2003  Orlan  A. Edwards  HBYC                 
2002  Turbo  Bill Feore  HBYC                 
2001  Tevake Angus Fletcher  HBYC                 
2000  Sea Lion II Eddy Mackevicius  HBYC                 
1999  Turbo Bill Feore  HBYC                 
1998  Wise of Time Dan Hellier  HBYC                 
1997  Sagitta J. Savage  HBYC                 
1996  Ocean Road G. Clapham  RMYS                 
1995  Doghouse P. Brettargh  HBYC                
1994  Ariel R. Ward  RMYS                 
1993  Obsession B. Thompson  RMYS                 
1992  Pazazz Shirley Freeman HBYC                 
1991  Blue Max  J. Otter  HBYC                 
1990  Animal Farm R. Hopcraft  RMYS                 
1989  Liquid Asset J. Farman  RBYC                 
1988  Shenandoah II R. White  RMYS                 
1987  Aggro S. Collis  RMYS                 
1986  Anitra D. Carmichael  HBYC                 
1985  Widgeon John Bish  HBYC                 
1984  Scal J.R. Holroyd  RMYS                 
1983  Apollo II  J. Becher  RYCV                 
1982  Rush F. Hammond/G. Russell  RMYS                 
1981  Vitamin C B. Fell  HBYC                 
1980 Superstar K.R. Farfor  RBYC                 
1979 Western Morning D. Blaney  SYC                 
1978 Noeleen II K. King  SYC                 
1977 Bacardi J. Gould SYC                
1976 Landfall K. Elliot  RGYC                 
1975 Astrid B. Herman  RBYC                 
1974 Wendy Too W. Brown  SYC                 
1973 Wild Goose D. Russell  SYC                 
1972 Salacia S. Thomas  SYC                 
1971 Rogue V. Maddison  RYCV                 
1970 Sioux II R. Spence RGYC                
1969 Compass Rose A.S. McGeach SYC                
1968 Trilby II K.W. Hinnichsen RMYS                
1967 Astelot A.G. Croft SYC                
1966 Samboo R. Green SYC                
1965 Selene R.H.B. Moon SYC                




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