01 December 2015

Racing Categories & Safety Equipment

The Sailing Committee are endeavouring to increase safety and raise the awareness of competitors of the Racing Rules of Sailing in particular the Special Regulations relating to racing categories and safety equipment.

Each race and series conducted by Hobsons Bay Yacht Club is conducted according to a Notice of Race and Sailing Instructions and is governed by the Racing Rules of Sailing (RRS) for 2013 – 2016 and the Prescriptions and Special Regulations of Yachting Australia.  To this end the Sailing Committee intend to conduct random audits of safety equipment of yachts following races.

The aim is educate and assist competitors to a point where all competitors are racing in the safest environment with each racing yacht carrying the correct equipment and complying with the Special Regulations of the particular category for that race.

Each yacht entered in a race is required to have submitted a safety declaration for the relevant category of race. Next season it is intended as a requirement for competitors to complete the full Yachting Australia equipment audit form for the relevant race category. These forms have been uploaded to the HBYC website [under Racing – General Information or Club – Forms] for members information.

Competitors are also reminded that crews may be checked for compliance with RRS Rule 56. If a member of crew is not a HBYC or another YA affiliated club member (YA Silver Card) they can easily become a day pass member. A day pass will cost you $15.00 and gives you temporary HBYC membership and insurance cover for the date of issue. The Day Pass Form is located on our Website under Club – Forms and needs to be submitted to the office.

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