15 January 2017

Look at our Juniors now!

Our member Kate Wyley was so proud of these Hobbo's juniors (well, they all started as Hobbo's juniors) at the Cadet Regatta in December at Geelong. Even though none of them placed terribly well, poor Emma Church became very unwell on the Saturday (so her & Maddie Speller-Scambary didn't sail with her spending the day on the start boat with Kate), they They were all out there mixing it with Victoria's best. 

Emma & Molly Grimes both 1st year skippers in regatta's and Tom Grimes & Leo Church skippered the last race of the regatta for a bit of fun. Maddie crewing with Emma, Tom with Molly and Leo crewed for a young fella Oscar from Royals (also both 1st year) in 8 races, not a bad effort for a weekend! 

Kate was so impressed they were up there mixing in on the start line and that their boat handling skills impressive.  Most importantly all came in smiling & had a great time!! Kate just had to share it with us at Hobbo's.

I (Georgie Mitchell) am so happy to see the next generation of Hobbo's out there on the water!!!  It was a pleasure being involved with them for so many years and I am very proud of how many Hobb's kids are still out there sailing.
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