04 October 2016

Grow Your Own Orchard - Wrap Up

The Grow your own Orchard Workshops were run over two Sundays in August and September 2016 and attracted almost 60 people to learn, and help build an orchard at the Hobsons Bay Yacht Club. These workshops were arranged to build on the relationship between HBYC and THB (Transition Hobsons Bay), who meet at the club on the second Tuesday of each month.
Through a successful grant application to Hobsons Bay City Council, funds were obtained for plants, materials and facilitators. The orchard now includes a range of citrus and olive trees, a feijoa, herbs, some native shrubs and ground covers. An irrigation system was also installed to aid to the low maintenance design of the garden. The workshops were run by several fantastic facilitators including Craig Castree, Tarius McArthur and Scott Hitchins, and the ongoing maintenance (fairly minimal) will be a partnership between the club, its members and Transition Hobsons Bay.
The orchard with all its fruit trees, edible and native plants, is there to be enjoyed by all members and visitors. Over the years to come I'm sure we will all enjoy the aesthetic as well as the fruit and other edibles that make up our new orchard.
Please feel free to help yourself to the fruit & edibles. Just remember to only take what you need, and leave what you don't for the next person.


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