16 September 2015

Hobbo's - Winners are Grinners - ORCV Races

Last weekend the ORCV ran a race to Geelong, with a Womens Skippers and Navigators Trophy on the return on Sunday.

Well done to Turbulence, the Bookmaker and Samskara, great effort from all, once again making Hobbo's proud.

Hobbo's once again shone, especially the girls on Samskara!

Bookmaker was 1st on IRC...

Bookermaker - ORCV Geelong 2015

and 3rd AMSA with a 7th for Turbulence...

AMS results Geelong 2015

In PHS, we saw Samskara with a 4th in Div 1 and the Bookmaker with a 3rd in Div 2.

phs results geelong 2015

Now this is where we are really impressive... The girls Rock with Samskara coming first!

Unfortunately, the Bookmaker retired.

PHS results Womens Geelong 2015

and... 3rd over the line!

linhonours womens geelong 2015

Well done Samskara, Lynda on the Helm and Megan Gault & Kate Wylie as Navigators.

To read more about the Womens Skippers and Navigators Race or the new Womens Passage Race Series Click here

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