13 April 2015

Clubhouse Tour with Pics

A great day for the club and members who took the opportunity and undertook the tour of the new building.

My (Kevin) estiminate was more than 100 people turned up. I was keeping count and got to 23 before 9.30am, but then got distracted with excitement, but tour guides Tony, Nick and yours truly, were kept busy with a steady stream of people for the two hours plus 6 people who missed out due to late arrival. Sorry to Maureen and her friends

It was interesting to note, that we also had visitors from other clubs, who came to see how we do it at Hobbos, with minimal fuss. They left with expressions of amazement.

A great day was had by all.

Those who didn’t/couldn’t, missed a great moment of engagement with the club.

Thanks to the catering volunteers.

Robert ; eggs and bacon extradinaire

Peter and Le yen, for the Friday even cruise involvement

Lyn and the tour guides

Everybody else who did, but I don’t know about (the great silent volunteers )

Click here for photos

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