12 February 2015

Callum's 1st Ocean Passage

Callum Girvin (Former Junior Fleet, now Assistant Instructor) has just started his first Ocean passage to Sydney, so we will be bringing you updates along the way...

Wed. 11th Feb

Thurs. 12th Feb

Fri. 13th Feb

Sat. 14th Feb

Last Update - Sun. 15th Feb - Eden (then home by bus)

11/2 - Just left for Sydney on Chutzpah the Sydney 38 out of royals (RYCV) just off willi beach at the moment in 25-35 knots and a bit of a swell more updates to come (Callum Girvin)

callum 2 Callum 5

12/2 - He is currently at Cape Liptrap so far not sick, feeling ok, its pretty good at the moment less than 10 knots of wind but predicted to get worse through the day.

He had a baptism of fire going through the heads in his words “we had the tide roaring out with us and then hit a brick wall of swell”

I asked him if it is was the end or start of his ocean sailing career his reply START………more sleepless nights in store for me then I guess (Sam Tannahill - Also known as Mum)

12/2 6pm - Another quick update we are currently 4 miles off Wilsons Promo getting the absolute sh&t kicked out of us at the moment and will be till late tomorrow.we have currently got 36 knots gusting 43 with a reefed main doing 6.9 -7-4 knots of boat speed - Callum Girvin

13/2 7pm - G'day everyone just another update from chutzpah weather is finally starting ease off now after 32 hours of pure sh&t today we have had 8 hours of 35 plus knots an 3.5-5 meter swell and rain so it's been pretty wet and miserable now facing the reality we won't make it to Sydney in time for me and Gavin but we will step off in Eden and let the boys take it from there.

14/2 - 4am - Currently just off gippsland lake and it's like someone has flicked the switch on the wind it's currently flicking between 1-8 knots which is nice and relaxing except for the left over swell not much else to report on there's a few oil rigs out here though (Plotter Pic)

14/2 - 4pm - Currently off Cape Conran in about 4-10 knots of wind with a reefed main and number 1 headsail trucking along at 4-6 knots only downside is that it has been p*ssing down rain all day but slowly easing up now not long till we are in Eden only about another 15 hours (Callum Steering).

14/2 9pm - Just under half an hour now an we will be in Eden trucking along quite nicely 18-22 knot westerlies doing 12+ knots smokin!

Callum plotter 140215 - 4am Callum 140215 - 2

15/2 11am - We finally made it to eden after a quite a long trip and some horrible weather all is well. It's a beautiful sunny day here in Eden now we are just trying to get our stuff together so we get the bus back home.

Callum 150215 Eden

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