05 January 2015

Cadet Nationals Update

Updates from Facebook of Molly and Callum's racing at the Nationals...

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27th December 2014 - Arrival

28th December 2014 - Day 1

29th December 2014 - Day 2/Day 1 Racing

30th December 2014 - Day 3/Day 2 Racing

31st December 2014 - Day 4/Day 3 Racing

Happy New Year from Port Lincoln

2nd January 2015

3rd January 2015

3rd January 2015

Hopefully a better day on the water after another tough one yesterday. Up in time for sunrise & again first down to the boat. Better forecast of breeze gradually building 15-20kn this morning, from the south west. 20-25kn this afternoon. Swift weather! Hoping to get 2 morning races in, then 2 afternoon races. Fingers crossed.

Set off this morning in 18kn wind which picked up to 25kn. Swift weather! A 31st today placed Callum & Molly 1st handicap. Wind dropped out, 46 line honours placed them 18th handicap. Wind dropped even more for 3rd race of today. 55th over the line, 52nd handicap. Looking forward to tomorrow, hoping for some stronger wind!

Hobsons Bay Yacht Club's photo.Hobsons Bay Yacht Club's photo.

2nd January 2015

What an exhausting day down here in Lincoln! 4.5 hours on the water in 0-22knot winds for 1 abandoned race and 6 false starts in 42 degree heat so now we are gearing up for an early start an 3-4 races tomorrow hopefully we can get some better results and start climbing up the leaderboard! Over an out from port Lincoln - Callum Girvin

Happy New Year from Port Lincoln!

Had a lovely night w families from Geelong, SA, Metung, Royals. Cal & Molly had a rough day but have both showed
great maturity & are in good spirits ready for next nrace day. We're proud of them. A lay day tomorrow at Coffin Bay will lift everyone's spirits!

Hobsons Bay Yacht Club's photo.Hobsons Bay Yacht Club's photo.

31st December 2014 - Day 4/Day 3 Racing

Day 3 didn't go quite as planned for team swift with some pretty poor races in light air but none the less we have our lay day tomorrow and we will come back refreshed and ready!
Over an out from port Lincoln!

30th December 2014

Cadet Nationals update...
just before heading out today! ! Lovely location even for non sailors. Joe Grimes

Photo: Cadet Nationals update...
just before heading out today! ! Lovely location even for non  sailors. Joe Grimes

So proud of Cal & Molly. Almost 1st to the club each morning, 1st or 2nd boat on the water. Not a good day for them though. Huge wind shifts saw the start line change places twice & race start delayed by approx 90 mins. Off to some good starts (getting some extra practice w 3 general recalls!). Sadly they had to retire on the 1st beat of the 2nd race as the tiller extension broke. They retired early to ensure they got to the chandlers in time. They got the last tiller extension in Port Lincoln. A port/starboard collision put a hole in another cadet, but fortunately only a scratch on Swift. An interesting but disappointing day.

29th December 2014

Day 2/Day 1 of Racing - Invitation race. Difficult conditions, 25-30 knots. Cal & Molly got off to a great start. Were coming 8th on first beat when they capsized almost at the top mark. Having been spooked by a dolphin (there is A LOT of talk about great whites here, in fact we are greeted by a jaw as we enter our cabin park!) they had Swift upright & back on board faster than ever before! 6 boats retired, an ambulance was called for concussion after a boom to the head & a few dashes to the chandlers post race! Finishing 34th after being 1st across the start line and we were 10th before we had a capsixe in a 35 knot gust but fought our back into it to get a respectable finish! Over an out from Port Lincoln - Callum Girvin

Tonight we are too excited to sleep knowing the positions of Tevake II & Turbo. Hoping to wake up to some exciting news! Very proud of T2.

28th December 2014

A busy day today. Measurement & buoyancy test took over 3hrs. Victorian team had their first sail & final coaching. Molly & Cal both stepped on razor fish. Nasty cuts. Molly thought it was unfair & asked that a warning be given at the opening ceremony. Opening ceremony then some socialising. Molly made friends with some of the SA team last year & is enjoying catching up with them again. Training for Team Victoria. Perfect conditions. 5th & an 8th. Sailing well, socialising well.

Doing Hobbos proud!

State flags. Swift under green cover.

First briefing for Victorian team

Registration & measurement were very strict. They went into a dark tunnel like a black hole. No parents allowed!

They passed the buoyancy test. Phew!

State flags raised at the Opening ceremony.

Molly catching up w SA team. That's what it's all about!

SA team shirt is the Victorian in the rugby game. (Molly & little brother Thomas in blue)

Joe arrived with the HBYC team shirts! The special thanks are to all those who donated over $100. Team shirts with all donators will be seen around Hobbo's on their return.

27th December 2014

1450km later we arrived in Port Lincoln. An interesting drive through salt lakes & salt marshes to the edge of the Flinders Ranges. After Port Augusta we traveled south through desert. Desert all around w azure blue sea in the distance to the east. Stunning!

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