17 December 2014

Good Luck to our Members heading South!

Our Entrants so far are:

M2H Westcoaster

Turbulence – Skippered by Paul Neilson, Bill Feore, Gordon Williamson, Kim Girdler, Tim Hooper

Tim Ford, Andrew Hesselmans and Michael Grey on Spirit of Downunder

Maureen Dickins will be on her 12th run on YOKO in the M2H Westcoaster, Congratulations Maureen and here’s hoping YOKO will be there for many more.

Sydney to Hobart

Tevake II – Angus Fletcher, Ryan Blackstock, Andrew Blackstock, Rod Langham, Mark Sahhar, Sam Sutton (& Ash Bartel - ORCV)

Cock of the Bay (Boxing Day Race)

M2H Westcoaster Crew and:

Merlion – Eddie Mackevicius (Sorry crew not listed)

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