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Crew looking for boats and boats looking for crew

If you are looking for a boat or wanting to crew on a boat then email your details and we will post them here.

Looking for crew:


Updated 27/4/17

"Merlion" is a Beneteau 40.7 and we are looking for keen sailors to crew on Wed twilights and or Sat afternoon races. Experience is good, but if you are new to sailing we are happy to show you the ropes.

Telephone: 0409 569 704


Skipjack (current S80 State Champion) is looking for experienced crew on Wednesday nights. Please contact Bill.

Telephone: 0415 522 255

Looking for boat:


Recently moved to the area and interested in crewing Wednesdays and/or Saturdays. Sailed when he was 12, but wants to learn as an adult. Keen to join a crew and learn lots more.

Telephone: 0468 673 972

Freddy Jansson

Updated 27/4/17

Recently completed RYA Competent Crew with Yachtmaster.
Very comfortable on boats, new to racing.
Reliable and available. Fit and agile.
Hoping to become regular crew on a boat.

Telephone: 0448 853 505

David Robertson

Updated 27/4/17

Has just completed a start crewing course at RMYS. Looking to start sailing regularly.


Helene Ciuraszkiewicz

Helene has no experience, but is keen to learn.

Telephone: 0421 644 246

Ken Barton

Updated 27/4/17

Ken has newly moved to the area and is interested in getting into sailing on Thursday nights. He is 58, has a good level of fitness and has recreational boating experience including windsurfing and a couple of goes on a catamaran whilst on holiday. Ken is currently completing Start Sailing 1 & 2.

Please contact Ken if you are interested in having him as a part of your crew.

Telephone: 0417 148 758

Nancy and Trevor

Updated 27/4/17

Nancy and Trevor are both strong and fit and wanting to go sailing. They have never been sailing before, but are keen to learn.
If you woud like to introduce Nancy and Trevor to our fabulous sport, please contact Nancy.
They are happy to be separated if you can only accommodate one of them.

Telephone: 0419 881 243

Dario Gualtieri

Updated 27/4/17

Dario is an RYA Day Skipper and a YA Assistant Sailing Instructor as well as a professional chef. He holds his boat licence and PADI advanced diving certificate. He is also the new owner of an Endeavour 24.

Dario would love to go crusing or racing and is keen to do the cooking on board or even offer lessons in Italian, Spanish and Portugese.

Telephone: 0432 432 311

Rod Smith


Rod is currently completing the Start Sailing 1 & 2 training course on Sundays.

He is looking to join a crew for the Brass Monkey Series and is keen to learn.

Telephone: 0431 750 875

Robert Held


Beginner, with a little sailing experience (beginner's course and 5 sails). Keen to learn and be involved.

Telephone: 0422367962

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