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Updated:  17/10/2014  11:06:48 AM

Start : 13:30
Sail No Boat Name First Name Last Name PurHC
H723 MINORA Peter Farries 0
H833 BUCCANEER Justin Ray 0
H438 CHINDRINA Owen Church 2
H140 SHAMROCK Rod Fuller 4
H185 SURE-FIRE Martin Waller 4
4299 EAGLE ROCK John Tremewen 6
H2 HOT CHOCOLAT Brian Green 6
H227 FARRAWAY Tony Riedle 6
H234 MEMPHIS BEAT Frank Cascio 6
H4040 KESTREL OF BRIGHTON Pete Spruzen 6
H3 GRACIE John Jennings 8
H242 ANDIAMO Geoff Shone 8
H1234 LA ALONDRA H Curmi / T Blackwell 8
H43 ASTERIX James Walshe 12
H141 JENSMINC Mark Sheahan 12
H97 HARMONY Stephen Cheney 16
H310 MONGOOSE Dennis Monahan 16
H2926 LANNCOORIE John Allen 16
SM1231 FASCINATION Ian Wilson 16
H383 TUMBLINGDICE Gary Marks 18
H380 ESPRIT Craig Jackson 20
H1152 ASSAILANT Michael Noy 20
H7 OUTLAW Outlaw Gang 22
H166 NOELEEN 111 A. Hesselmans J. Poiesz 22
H700 MOONRAKER Rod Langham 22
H19 CHLOE Pat Caruso 24
H1363 SAVAGE Wayne Williams 26
H969 HAREM SCAREM C Leake T Hooper 28
H237 ALEGRIA 2 Robert Tanner 30

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