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Brass Money Series - Div 1

Hosted By Hobsons Bay Yacht Club

Race 6   (29/07/2017)  PROVISIONAL RESULTS

Updated:  2/08/2017  12:34:28

IRC results Start : Div1 13:10 Div123 13:10
Place Sail No Boat Name Skipper Fin Tim Elapsd AHC Cor'd T Score ETOrd Vis
DNC H4000 BLUNDERBUSS Eric Marsh     1.084   6.0    
DNC H8118 MERLION Eddie Mackevicius     1.059   6.0    
DNC R35 MONEYPENNY P Langford / T Spenc     1.025   6.0    
DNC R350 ABSOLUT Richard Gates     1.028   6.0    
DNC R401 ONE FOR THE ROAD Gary Prestedge     1.101   6.0    
DNC S13 HOW BIZARRE Scott Robinson     1.069       Yes
DNC S14 GIENAH Rod Miller     1.059       Yes
DNC S17 ARCADIA Peter Davison     1.083       Yes
DNC S35 ARCHIMEDES Thomas Ely     1.020       Yes
DNC S47 MRS OVERNEWTON Leslie Norton     1.044       Yes
DNC S77 CHRISTINE Paul Bunn     1.104       Yes
DNC S138 ANTAGONIST James Lynch     1.021       Yes
DNC S191 SALAMANDER III Monica Jones     1.002       Yes
DNC S292 JUNGLE JUICE Janet Dean     1.000       Yes
DNC S369 ELLIPSE Jack Setton     1.054       Yes
DNC S777 PRIMITIVE COOL John Newbold     1.350       Yes
DNC S3227 ROLLERCOASTER John Taylor     1.006       Yes
DNC S8640 MATADOR Murray McCutcheon     1.072       Yes

Results by : TopYacht

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