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Brass Monkey S80/Diamond Championship

Hosted By Hobsons Bay Yacht Club

Helly Hansen

Updated:  8/08/2014  10:03:19 AM

Start : 13:20
Sail No Boat Name Class First Name Last Name Div No
138 ROUGH CUT Diamond Rae Duncan 2
152 OSPREY Diamond Tim Feore 2
187 CHALLENGER Diamond Andrew King 2
188 LUCY IN THE SKY Diamond Calum Brenan 2
191 MYSTERY Diamond Cameron Mead 2
H7 OUTLAW S80 Outlaw Gang 1
H80 SATIE S80 P Neilson C Girvin 1
H141 JENSMINC S80 Mark Sheahan 1
H380 ESPRIT S80 Craig Jackson 1
H398 SKIPJACK S80 Bill & Graham Feore & Jackso 1
H700 MOONRAKER S80 Rod Langham 1
H1152 ASSAILANT S80 Michael Noy 1
R182 UP 'N GO S80 Gary Mackinven 1
R1221 MERAK S80 Bas Huibers 1
R2781 GRAVITAS S80 Jane Richards 1

Results by : TopYacht Software

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