Two Handed Series

The Two Handed series is the most popular short-crewed series on the Bay, attracting up to 35 yachts. The 6 race series is run on Sundays, starting at 11am and uses an 18 mile course.

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 2017 Results

2016 Results

2015 Results

Past Winners

Year Two Handed Performance Two Handed AMS Two Handed IRC
  Yacht Skipper Yacht Skipper Yacht Skipper
2017 3 Ring Circus Skit Syndicate 3 Ring Circus Skit Syndicate Skipkjack B Feore
2016 Remedy R Hibbert Remedy R Hibbert Skipkjack B Feore
2015 Asterix J Walshe Le Cascadeur R Blackstock Skipkjack B Feore
2014 Karina D Gibson Le Cascadeur R Blackstock    
2013 The Secretary G Shaw Skipjack B Feore    
2012 Karina D Gibson Executive Decision G Botica    
2011 Pink Lady E Tattersall Le Cascadeur R Blackstock    
2010 Big Blue A & R Blackstock Onedin G Cook    
2009 Nouannie P Bengtzen Onedin G Cook    
2008 Uncle Fester S Dickins/P Neilson Uncle Fester S Dickins    
2007 Quantam Leap K LeNepveu/N Sellars Uncle Fester S Dickins    
2006 Puff F Rendell        
2005 Deja Blue P Neilson        
2004 Good Company P Sullivan/M Teys        
2003 Rage A Stevens        
2002 Gareloch D Gibson        
2001 Sirocco A Stevens        
2000 Sprite P Kelly        
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