Club Aggregate Series

The Club Aggregate series is the premier racing series held at HBYC with the winner the Champion yacht of the club.

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2016/2017 Results

2015/2016 Results

2015 Results

Past Winners

Year Club Aggregate Performance Club Aggregate AMS
  Yacht Skipper Yacht Skipper
2017 3 Ring Circus Skit Syndicate 3 Ring Circus Skit Syndicate
2016 Working Capital G O'Meara Moonraker Neilson/Langham
2015 Blaise Pascal (on coutback) N Woodley Le Cascadeur R Blackstock
2014 Karina D Gibson Le Cascadeur R Blackstock
2013 Airframe Robertson/Dickins Airframe Robertson/Dickins
2012 Skipjack Jackson/Feore Skipjack Jackson/Feore
2011 Outlaw Outlaw Gang Recycled Recreation T Campbell
2010 Knot a Clew R Gregson Recycled Recreation T Campbell
2009 Challenger Neilson/Sutton Merlion E Mackevicius
2008 Tiga R Arthur Venus I Robertson
2007 Outlaw S Doull Uncle Fester S Dickens
2006 Uncle Fester S Dickins    
2005 Orlan A Edwards    
2004 Nire Lowa Davies/Gear    
2003 Deja Blue J Neilson    
2002 Eric J Pilgrim    
2001 Vitamin C D Stanley    
2000 Sea Lion II E MacKevicius    
1999 Ericka J Pilgrim    
1998 Widgeon J Ginivan    
1997 Working Capital B Lennon    
1996 Wise of Time D & Y Hellier    
1995 Wise of Time D & Y Hellier    
1994 Blue Max J Otter    
1993 INXS D & Y Hellier    
1992 Vitamin C D Stanley    
1991 INXS R Goodman/D Hellier    
1990 INXS R Goodman/D Hellier    
1989 Waarana G Barrett    
1988 Waarana G Barrett    
1987 Widgeon J Bish    
1986 Widgeon J Bish    
1985 Romava M Edbrooke    
1984 Widgeon J Bish    
1983 Waarana G Barrett    
1982 Thermopylae G Alexander    
1981 Vitamin C B Fell    
1980 Sundancer 1 B Green    
1979 Widgeon J Bish    
1978 Tiendi S Henley    
1977 Vahine G Mullenger    
1976 Arinda B Wilson    
1975 Arinda B Wilson    
1974 Isadore II C Williams    
1973 Etoile R Fell    
1972 Juno Lass J Saig    
1971 Juno Lass J Saig    
1970 Niad J Dailey    
1969 Ripple A Buller    
1968 Ripple A Buller    
1967 Tania J Salvado    
1965 Sialis G Finchett    
1964 Dolphin G Finchett    
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