21 December 2016

Past Commodores Cup

Past Commodore’s Cup - 17th December, 2016

Bit breezy out there on Saturday, with a few waves a little bigger than normal, fully testing both boat and crew. We didn’t manage to successfully connect the Top Yacht Race program to the HBYC website -  so here are the  results:

RACE 1   [17/12/2016]       John Allen Past Commodore's Trophy        
PHS results  Start : 14:10                   
Place Sail No Boat Name Skipper Fin Tim Elapsd AHC Cor'd T BCH
1 H365 BLAISE PASCAL Nick Woodley 15:30:45 01:20:45 0.724 58:28:00 0.75
2 H140 SHAMROCK Rod Fuller 15:46:06 01:36:06 0.63 01:00:33 0.63
3 H604 KNOT A KLEW Robert Gregson 15:38:02 01:28:02 0.689 01:00:39 0.688
4 H47 ANTARES A Robert Laughlin 16:16:22 02:06:22 0.569 01:11:54 0.479
DNC H19 CHLOE Pat Caruso     0.734    
DNC H20 MINNA Richard Downey     0.739    
DNC H185 SURE-FIRE Martin Waller     0.635    
DNC H211 QUANTUM LEAP Neil Sellars     0.645    
DNC H401 AVANTI Peter McDonald     0.755    
DNC H2926 LANNCOORIE John Allen     0.67    
DNC H6145 GANNET II David Buck     0.738    
DNF H200 PINK LADY Eric Tattersall     0.649    

Well done Nick!

Congratulations to all the starters and my personal thanks for all of your support for this race. Next year the weather may be a little kinder, and the fleet a much bigger.

Special mention to Pat and Tony for their deluxe hamburger serving.

Good Sailing!



HBYC Sailing Administrator

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