09 March 2016

Fri 11 Mar - Rigging - Pitfalls, Failures & Learnings AND... a Barn Yard Bash!


Cruising Group March event; Bookings essential.  Book a Table, or a seat!  (Must confirm number of people for seating & catering arrangements).

RSVP ATTENDANCE: Peter Clark / SMS 0411 520 920  Email:  Or book via: Facebook

Farm style backyard Fiesta celebrating the first Hobbo's Cruising group meet for 2016...

A chicken party of sorts being so close to Easter ... With Pom pom chickens ... And GOLDEN EGGS! What THE?! Must come and see for yourself- don't sit back only to hear about it; Get down on Friday night, let loose, enjoy what is quite "Normal" at HBYC!

Yes, the Hobbo's Cruising Group has turned "cock-a-doodle"! ; We figured Life is short, so Cruise or Sail as often as you can, or at the very least Dream to cruise or sail as often as you can by coming to regular cruising group meets, and be Silly as often as you can, 'cos that will guarantee you will have a jolly good time!  

Dress code: Ranchy! Farm style! Go Free Range!!  

Surprises: Lots of fun in store for the Barn at Hobbo's on this night. Can't reveal more than that.

When you arrive...

Write your name on an egg. We’ll stick it on the wall. An egg sheet will be provided on entry. Don't worry it will be fun!

DINNER - from 7pm

Yes, we do have a Chocolate theme on this night – who can refuse? … Certainly, some "Golden Egg" surprises, maybe some favourite “Dark Chocolate” thrown in to temp the healthy senses... It's sure to be a sweet night at HBYC Cruising group night- our first for the year! $10 Meal. Very yummy “Turkish themed dinner”... Indeed, this bears no relation to chickens or chocolate eggs, but all yummy. Dessert included complimentary. A seriously GREAT Black Forrest Cake by Ferguson Blare Bakehouse. Yep, served with ice-cream.

FEATURED PRESENTATION - RIGGING - Pitfalls, Failures & Learnings! - 7:45pm

Hear from our very special guest speakers Rigger- Paul Bartley, David Gibson skipper of ‘Karina’, and Andrew Pickard skipper of ‘Ghost Dog’, on their remarkable first-hand accounts and experiences! Do yourself & your boat a favour; we can ALL learn something new! Not to be missed.


-HBYC Bar Opens from 6/ 6.30pm

-Dinner service from 7/ 7.10pm

-Break 2 football sized Golden eggs (plus unveil 9 Golden Eggs)

-7.45pm/ Presenters + guest speakers

-8.45pm/ Dessert

-9pm+/ Tea + Coffee/ Raffle/ Do The Nutbush (Tina Turner style)

Till late. Enjoy a Friday night Catch up with your Hobbo’s members, friends, mates, guests + visitors. ALL Welcome.

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