05 April 2016

Turbulence's Farewell - Fri. 1st @ 10pm - Photo's

Thank you to the ~40 members who came down the Northern arm last night, armed with streamers to let Turbulence's (Turbo) lines off from Hobbo's for the last time.  We all stood on the Northern Arm and covered Turbulence and the crew with paper streamers!

Eric's step son (Brenda's Son), Steve is the proud new owner and Steve, Adam, Casteallini, Eric Marsh (HBYC), Rod Langham (HBYC) and a couple of Steve's mates are on their way to QLD....

Turbulence Farewell Steve Adam and Casteallini

Steve is the proud new owner and Steve, Adam and Casteallini


Turbulence Farewell Kim and Bill

Kim Girdler and Turbo owner Bill Feore.  Kim and Bill did the Melbourne to Osaka Two Handed race in Turbulence, when she was Turbo.


Turbulence Farewell throwing off the lines

Rod hitching up his draws ready to throw off the lines.


Turbulence Farewell Paul and Rod

Paul Neilson giving Rod a hand.  Paul Neilson and Eric Marsh did the Melbourne to Osaka Race 2013 in Turbulence.


Turbulence Farewell Goodbye

Bill Feore with a tear in his eye (we all had to prompt him to let go of the lines).

Thanks to Kara Girdler for the photo's from the night.

I (Georgie) have collected many Turbo/Turbulence photo's over the years and will collect them together and create a tribute album in our Gallery.


Here are some from the trip so far...

Turbulence Farewell enjoying the ride 2


Turbulence Farewell enjoying the ride 




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