27 May 2015

Rescue Pilot - Jerry Grayson


$0 Jerry Grayson Talk
$12 Winter warmers 2 course meal.

Miss out and it could cost you $90/head at RYCV, Jerry Grayson as guest of honour there on July 18.

JERRY GRAYSON - Modern Day HERO … Helicopter Rescue Pilot.

The youngest helicopter pilot to ever serve the Royal Navy and the most decorated peacetime naval pilot in history. Rescue Pilot is Jerry Grayson AFC’s story, an inside view of heroic service – inspirational and celebratory. Excitingly told, frequently funny, highly poignant.

Whether saving a wounded fighter pilot who has ditched in the sea, rescuing desperate sailors from a sinking ship – as Jerry did during the infamous Fastnet Yacht Race of 1979 in which 25 yachts were lost – or picking up a grievously ill crewman from the deck of a nuclear-armed submarine that is playing a cat-and-mouse game with the Soviet navy, the work of a search and rescue pilot is vital, dangerous, thrilling and on the edge.

Jerry's story is not an account of just one man's deeds, but a salute to all the men and women he worked with who were able to turn tragedies into triumphs.

HBYC Members, guests & attendees can pre-order books at $30 each, which Jerry will personally sign on the night.

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