22 September 2014

Race News – Edition 3

Race News – Edition 3

Important Notes for the 2014/5 Sailing Season

Top Yacht Race Entry – The Top Yacht Entry Program has been activated to accept race entries for all the HBYC Summer Series Races. The Entry options are located on the HBYC website in three locations, the bottom of the “Home Page”, Racing/General Information and Racing/Select the Series you would like to enter.

Notice of Race Information – All Notice of Race Documents for the Summer Sailing Season are available, see HBYC/Racing on our website.

Sailing Instructions – will be available on the website by October 5, 2014

Free Race Entry – Race Entry to all HBYC Race Series is free to all boat owners who have paid the HBYC “On water Safety and Training Fee”. This is the Good News!

Series Entry – Skippers, for convenience sake, you will no doubt be tempted to enter most events as a “Series Entrant”, even if you are not intending to sail in all the Races of a Series. Please be careful if you adopt this principal when entering the HBYC Aggregate Series. There will be a number of Aggregate Races conducted by our Kindred Clubs, who (like us) charge a $30 Entry Fee, per boat, to pay for the cost of running the Race. HBYC Entrants who start in a Race conducted by a Kindred Club will not be charged the $30 Entry Fee. The Bad News! If you are a DNC and HBYC is charged $30 for your Entry, this charge will be debited to your Account. You can avoid the $30 charge, if you e-mail and advise the office, by 5pm on the Thursday before the week end of the race, you will not be competing in the race conducted by our Kindred Club.

Managers Cup Series – Bigger and better than ever! There are eight races, with a wide variation of racing - a two handed, Pursuit and Laid Course race, long distance races, inclusion in the prestigious Commodore’s Cup Race, and experience (just one) fifty odd boats starting in a combined race between RYCV, RMYS and HBYC.

Start Boat Crew Support – Our Club Racing Program is only made possible, by the tremendous support, we receive from our enthusiastic, and increasing number of HBYC Volunteer Members. They need more assistance, particularly from the “race regulars” who enjoy the wide variety of competitive racing provided by our Club because of the dedicated service of our Start Boat Volunteer Support Crew.

I will be approaching skippers of “Race Regulars” to volunteer one, just one, of your race experienced crew to help on the Start Boat one time this racing season. Let’s make this a voluntary exercise, and not an action we have to introduce into the Sailing Instructions.

New Club Courses – New Club Courses will be on the website from 3rd October, 2014. The Courses have been revised to eliminate the use of RMYS marks.

Safety Audits – To improve the Safety standards of all boats on the HBYC register, compulsory Safety Checks will be introduced this Sailing Season. Boats will be randomly checked to ensure they meet the minimum standards prescribed in the “Blue Book”.

Rule RRS 56 Crew Eligibility – States

“Yachting Australia prescribes that except in an International event, any crew member that sails in more than 3 races in any one sailing season, shall be a member of a Club affiliated to an MYA and a Yachting Australia Card holder.

It shall be the responsibility of the person in charge of any boat to ensure that all crew members on board each race comply with this prescription”

Skippers, please ensure members of your crew are current financial HBYC Crew/Senior Members, or, a simple way to comply with this “prescribed” rule is to provide them with a HBYC “Day Pass”.

Look forward to seeing you on the water.

Good Sailing!


Ian Robertson
HBYC Sailing Administrator
Ph 9397 6111

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