29 August 2014

HBYC Renovations Approved by Members

The club had a Special General Meeting of Members last night (Thursday) at which members voted to proceed with stages one, two and part of stage three of the building works which have been on display in the clubhouse over the last year. The two motions were passed with a significant majority.

Although the club has a tender price for the works, it is expected that it will take a little while to organise the contractor. Other items need to be dealt with around the club before work can begin. These include removal/relocation of the water tank and storage container, relocation of the slipway winch, and demolition of the BBQ. As the main toilets and showers will be out of action (with the exception of the disabled toilet) temporary facilities will be provided.

During the construction period it is business as usual with continued use of the kitchen, bar and hall. A member has also kindly donated a portable BBQ for members’ use. Access is currently planned to be provided to the hall from the yard along the inside of the roundabout fence.

The slipway, yard and traverse will be in operation during construction although there may be some minor disruption for short periods when materials are delivered or craned.

This is a major alteration to the club premises which will provide improved amenity and services to members and set HBYC up with off water facilities for the next 20 plus years.

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