23 July 2014

The latest on the Club House Renovation...

The article below is the Club House update from the AGM and then click here for the complete House Committee Report presentation from the AGM.

Clubhouse Building Committee (CBC) Progress Report

AGM 2013-2014

CBC Members; Kevin LeNepveu (Chairperson), Tony Dawson (Architect contact), Kerrie Judge, Lou Papaloukas, Nick Woodley (Treasurer), Stephen Cheney and Ashley Stevens (Ex Commodore) Ryan Blackstock (Commodore) thank you to all the group in maintaining “the fire in the belly” to keep this project moving towards completion.

After numerous progress reports via the monthly General Committee (GC) reports, monthly newsletters, quarterly members meetings in amongst numerous other progress reports, it is difficult to give an up to date report that you all consider “new news” and not a regurgitation of previous feedback.

I can say we are in “spitting distance” of producing the final recommendation report to the GC and then, to you, the members.

We now have the tenders returned from the builders, they are higher than expected. As previously reported, we had a budget figure in mind of $1.2 mill. for Stage 1, as reported at the March’14 Qtr. Meeting. The CBC have made decisions as to what we must have finished in this stage 1. Ie: the balconies, the complete building structure and toilets and be prepared to be minimalist on internal finishes at this stage.

The result of the tender process indicated $1.4mill. for our stage 1. With the General Committee approval, we wish to enter negotiations with this tenderer and leave us with a number of alternatives to consider.

1. The CBC believe the design of the building is right and it will serve the club for the next 50 years, as a low maintenance cost building and also be an iconic building for the club and the Williamstown community. We therefore don’t want to compromise the building by cheapening up things. The CBC believe that the members want this development and have been waiting for it to occur since the mid 1990’s and it is critical for the attraction of future membership of all categories.

2. The CBC believes we need to the “hard yards” and find the money, on the basis that this is the best and least cost alternative for the long term sustainability of the club.

As a result of this decision, the CBC, the Treasurer and the club manager are developing a sustainable financial and business plan and will present the recommendations to the General Committee for ratification in the near future, that will allow;

  • The building of Stage 1. with a budget of $1.5mil. as soon as possible.
  • Maintaining the currently agreed emergency reserve of $150,000.
  • Maintaining of the club operating and capital development.
  • Provide accumulation of funds to complete Stage 2.over the next 2-3 years.
  • Allow the accumulation of reserves for other future developments.
  • Development of a business plan that increase contributions from outside sources, while bearing in mind the maintenance of the club status as a “not for profit organisation”.

3. The CBC & General Committee understand that this project has increased beyond the original scope envisaged 3 years ago as a master plan and believe that at every available opportunity, members have been informed of the progress, been asked for feedback, been invited to contribute and have input in any way they wish to the project and are therefore confident that together, we will “Find the Way” for the members.

Kevin LeNepveu

Chair CBC.

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