01 May 2014

Club Captain's Report - May 2014


The club architects have distributed to 5 selected potential building contractors the tender documents for the development of the clubhouse. The documents were posted on the Tuesday 16th April ’14. It is intended to hold a builders information day on 29th April to give them a walk through the building and club property to assist them in understanding what the club requires from them in regards to the building and the continuing operation of our club during the building phase.

The tender is scheduled to close at the end of May ’14 at which time the CBC will enter into an evaluation phase to prepare to make a recommendation to the General Committee.

This recommendation will include the scope of works of stage 1, a financial capacity / business plan for at least the next 5 years to show the cash flow analysis of the club to ensure our sustainability.

Once the General Committee is in agreement with the total CBC package the recommendations will be given to the voting members to give your final acceptance and permission to proceed.  I know I have said all this before, but it is critical that the total voting club membership understand the process under our constitution and know that you all have the final say, by majority, at a Special General Meeting. Anybody that thinks this process has been not fully evaluated, step by step, should talk to the partners of the CBC members. 


Just to keep everybody on their toes and to ensure that “the water is always muddy” the General Committee has also instigated a sub-committee to begin Strategic Planning discussions with Parks Vic and other governmental bodies in relationship to our current lease, which is due for renewal due in late 2016. This becomes important, as our current lease requires us to continue to improve our facilities, which we have done, but now could also allow Parks Vic to increase our lease payments and conditions in line with our improved property value ( ie; clubhouse development)

This lease renewal process is being led by Pat Caruso, Stephen Cheney, Tony Blackwell and myself and will report directly back to the General Committee. Part of this process is we are also looking to extend our lease period more than our current renewal rights of 21 years to 35-65 years, whilst keeping any lease increases to a minimum.  The positive side of this is that once we have a lease renewal in place, we can take that to the bank as collateral for any loans into the next 21 - 65 years. The sub-committee has sought expert external advice on how to best address all the issues on the lease renewal and extension application and this will be developing over the next month. My opinion is that if we are about to be made to suffer due to our compliance by meeting our current lease conditions, then we should get a recompense in some form (lease years) to balance the scales.


No wonder the world moves so slowly, there are organizations out there whose sole role in life is to get in our way and set up road blocks. We need more bulldozers to “remove the obstacles”

Anyway, looking on the positive side, first we get the building tender returns, then we know the price and then, “we eat the elephant “ (i.e. take small bites and chew like hell) then we finalize the stage scope, then finalize the financial package, then we sort the lease detail, then the General Committee approval and then you the members decide, which is where I started, way back in 2011.

The General Committee has approved a fund raising scheme for the clubhouse and voting right  members will shortly receive an invitation to forward purchase 5 years of annual membership fees to assist with the financing of the clubhouse. This will be limited to the first 50-60 members who apply. We need to restrict the acceptance numbers to ensure that we have an ongoing cash flow income over the 5 years period to stabilize our cash flow into the club. If we don’t get at least 30 takers of the proposal, then we will have to rethink our position.

The advantage to the club is that we can do more work on the club house development and the advantage to the members is that they will have 5 years membership without any annual CPI or otherwise increases.

Somebody asked, “What happens if I die before the 5 years is up?” The answer is simple, all you have to do is make a formal application to the General Committee for a refund. So easy!!!!!!

Other stuff

Marina decking.

Some members may have noticed that there is a dip in the decking of the north arm decking, on investigation it was found that a decking pile has failed and a number of other piles in the same area are close to failure. The House Committee has sought quotes to replace 4 DECK PILES in the area, initial quotes have indicated that the cost to replace 4 deck piles including removal and replace 3 stern piles. As these are decking piles and it will require that a number of stern piles are removed to gain access for the pile driver to the deck area. The General Committee has approved the replacement of the piles up to $35000.

The marina plies condition were last surveyed in 2011 and all piles rated as to the amount of erosion and as a result a number of stern piles were replaced  at that time.

It is obvious that an update on the survey is again due now. We are committed to maintain the condition of the existing marina until we establish our next move to replace and extend the marina in the future,  

This will also require the temporary relocation of some boats during the replacement (3 days), after we have sorted the quotes and the timing, we will advise and arrange the boat moves that are required when we have contracted to do the job.

Has anybody noticed that it costs $$$ to keep the “water outside the boat” even though the objective is for boat to “live in the water”?  How do we eliminate the water aspect of this equation, answer is keep your sump pumps alive and operative.

Somebody once said “Even when you are at home watching TV and minding your own business it can still go wrong”. Just before last Christmas, David Stoopman and crew were happily planning their assault on Tasmania, when a passing Sydney ferry party boat managed to collide with Samskara and a stern pile of the marina pen. The result was much stress to David to get replacement parts, including importing rigging parts from the USA and flying all over the country to pick up parts to get Samskara to the start line. 

The outcome of the story was David, the crew and Samskara did get to Tasmania and did do very well in the race results as well.

The stern pile does not have such a happy ending, it will need to be lifted out and replaced and this will be done at the same time as the other piles and hopefully will be paid for by the insurance company and the Sydney ferry shook itself and wandered back up the river to Docklands under the “capable hands” of its’ skipper. 

Back to other stuff...

Strategic Planning “Vision 2020” review.

The 2014 review has now be approved by the General Committee after a number of additions from contributions of the members.

The General Committee reviews this document bi annually and uses this document to ensure its’ decisions and actions are consistent with the principles of our long term planning requirements 

There will be a copy available shortly for reading by interested members at the office and on the club website.

OH&S Policy review.

The review of the OH&S policy has also been approved by the General Committee during April and actions identified to ensure that we continue to make the club a safe work place for our staff and a safe environment for our members and families to enjoy their leisure.  We will also be using this policy to ensure that we hold ourselves responsible for the safety of the club members & guests during the building phase of the clubhouse.

House Committee work.

Clubhouse electrics. 

The power board of the club has been upgraded with a new board with the assistance of club member Rod Langham, undertaken at mates’ rates. Thanks Rod

Concrete jetty.

Club hardstand users will be glad to hear and see that John Erickson has finished the installation of larger mooring bollards along the jetty for easier mooring and also added more barge boards along the jetty, although there is still more of these to come with more to purchase prior to the next working bee.

Good Ship “Warranna”

The boat will be gone from the yard by the time this newsletter is distributed and this will free up more cradles for members who wish to use the hardstand area for boat storage. Any member in need of a hardstand position needs to discuss conditions with Peter Coop.

Kevin LeNepveu

Club Captain

26th April.’14

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