16 March 2014

Website Changes...

Please be aware that we have made some Menu changes on our website based on Members suggestions of how we could make it a little easier to get around.

  • New Menu Item: Sailing @ HBYC
  • Under 'Sailing @ HBYC' you will find
    - Women on Water
    - Cruising
    - Juniors
    - Club Training Boat (Satie)
    - Crew Wanted/Available
    - Weather

Don't Forget our...

Members Section

Have you checked out the members section yet? Go to, then select the ‘Our Club’ menu, then the ‘Members Login’ item.

We were all sent our login details with this years membership card. Your user name is your membership number (on your card). Sorry can’t publish the password here but you can call our Manager - Peter Coop or Gloria in our Office and they will help you through.

The members area currently consists of:

  • Members News – Currently contains the By-Laws, Constitution, Members Information Booklet, HBYC Mechandise details & our Yacht register.
  • My Details – This has all your personal details that the club has on file. You can change your password here and also send an email to update any of your details.
  • Member Directory – This useful tool allows you to look up any members mobile number and send them an email from the directory.
  • My Account – Instantly lets you know your outstanding amounts via monthly statements.

Please check it out and if you want anything further included in the Members Login or you have any comments or suggesstions about our Website, please email:


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