10 January 2013

Hobbo's Juniors Making us Proud

As we know Hobbo’s cleaned up in the Hobart races this year but meanwhile on home soil our Juniors have been busy.

Firstly with the Cadet Championships at Royals (RYCV) over Xmas. Molly Grimes came a respectful 60th and Callum Girvin with a champion effort of 20th on Handicap.

We’ll done guys especially when we take into account that HBYC does not own any Cadets!

Then on the 3rd of Jan the 85th Stonehaven Cup started at RBYC. The Stonehaven Cup Regatta is the national championship for the Australian 12 Foot Cadet Dinghy and is the longest continuously contested junior/youth one-design dinghy trophy in Australian yachting.

Another new class for our Juniors! Molly Grimes, Callum Girvin & Luke Chitterdon once again have made

HBYC proud by an overall 8th in a fleet of 19! The teams best result over seven races was a very respectable 4th.

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