01 January 2014

HBYC makes a clean sweep of the Hobart races

Hobsons Bay Yacht Club once again proves that it is the premier ocean racing club in Victoria by dominating the Melbourne-Hobart race results!
Three out of the four entrants walk away with at least one first, with the fourth getting a second and third.
HBYC won a clean sweep on the East coast PHS result with the three entrants getting 1st, 2nd, and 3rd in a race that had some very trying conditions.

Well done Samskara for even getting to the start line. After getting hit by a Sydney ferry in her pen, the team did a great job in getting the backstay, hydraulics, fiberglass, pushpit and rudder fixed in record time. This included flying parts in from Holland to QLD and then having to pick them up in person!

The wild West side lived up to its fearsome reputation with some of the worst conditions in years. The weather was not the only thing that lived up to its reputation. Tevake II and her crew were as bullet proof as ever, not only surviving the 12m seas and winds over 60knts, but revelled in the conditions, winning both AMS and PHD.

Our fingers are crossed for the King of the Derwent race on the 2nd as Tevake II is currently only 2 points away from winning the Sovereign Series.



Tevake II, 1st AMS, 1st PHD, 2nd line honours

East coast

Merlion, 1st IRC, 1st PHS

Escapade, 1st AMS, 2nd PHD

Samskara, 2nd line honours, 3rd PHD

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