21 September 2013

Working Bee Result

Saturday 21st September 2013 dawned with the sun rising over our new navy ship on demand, and the appearance of 110 HBYC members and friends (a bit later than dawn), who signed the registration sheets to do battle with the considerable list of tasks to be done at the club.

The House Committee thanks everybody, who gave of their time and energies and made the day an enjoyable productive social day for the benefit of your club. The House Committee try to ensure that the Working Bee Day is a time members look forward as a rewarding day by providing constructive jobs that give satisfaction and we can get you all to come back next year. We will certainly have some extra challenges next year associated with the redevelopment of the club house project.

A thank you also goes to the area co-ordinators, Lyn (parks & gardens), John (yard & hardstand), Tony (Shirley F. & Privateer) Ryan & Gary (Marina) who marshalled and allotted the jobs.

Some tasks were big and some were small, but all were important to get the club ready for the summer. We completed the majority of the lists with the exceptions of one or two items.

The kids also had a great day, helping out with jobs, looking after the dogs and enjoying the face & arm painting from “Pixie”

At various stages of the day, it was looking like dad’s army had turned up with “medical certificates” citing crook backs, legs, arms, knees and shoulders and the owners requesting “light duties.” I saw people sitting on chairs painting white, yellow and blue anything that didn’t move. Gardening and trimming with tanbark helped freshen up the gardens and club boundary fence and the kitchen was given a fantastic clean up. Cutting up heavy steel cradles, cleaning, sweeping, heavy lifting on the marina, completion of the hardstand wall planking, and new buffers on the floating pontoon all will contribute to a few extra stiff arms, shoulders, legs, knees & backs etc by Sunday morning.

We installed new bollards and repaired the fob swipe posts at the gate entry to the carpark, I wonder who will be the first to hit to one.

The club ice box now operates from your club fob, so now you can lose your padlock key. This was the last official club padlock.

A group did a demolition job on the old blue start box at the end of the marina with great gusto & enthusiasm. The yachts at the “french end” of the marina now have a far better view of the water front and Melbourne skyline, perhaps enough to warrant an increase in the rent !

Another group spent the day eliminating some of the gaps on the marina decking, not yet complete, but a great effort, and will be a carry-over job for next year. The word about town was you can now wear your high heels to your yacht.

Morning tea was a catch up time for a chat, followed by more heavy lifting etc in time for lunch ably catered & produced by club members in the kitchen and on the BBQ. Thank you to Maureen and all those involved with the catering. They produced the “best sausage in bread” in Williamstown.

Raffles were drawn and won with some notable donations by members for the door prizes. The junior raffle raised over $200.

We were all pretty much ‘done and dusted” (exhausted) not long after lunch and the day ended long before with the setting of the sun in the west, all without a speck of rain.

My only complaint for the day was that I missed out on a sausage in bread and I did retire emotional exhausted once again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks again

Kevin LeNepveu, Club Captain & House Committee Chairperson.

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