Hobson's Bay Yacht Club has many types of membership:

Full Members:

Full Members are boat owners and crews of boats. Full members are entitled to all the privileges of the club, including being permitted to; have a boat on the register, car park access, vote/move/amend motions, nominate others/be appointed to office or the General Committee. Partners of existing Full members may become Full members at 50 per cent of the then current Full subscription. 

Fees $860

An additional nomination fee of $430 on application for new membership.
Partners of FULL members may become senior members by paying $430, half of the annual Senior subscription.

Family Membership:

The acceptance of families and particularly children, into the club has been a special feature of Hobsons Bay Yacht Club. Family membership includes one or two adults and their children up to the age of 21 years. The adult/s have all the rights, privileges and liabilities associated with Full membership. Children of Family will have non-voting members’ rights.  

Fees $1340.00

Full member plus Partners plus Children 8 to 21 years of age.
An additional one off nomination fee of $670 on application for new membership

Pensioner Members:

Any member who is of Age Pension age or older and holds a Centrelink Pensioner Concession Card or a Department of Veteran Affairs Pensioner Concession Card and has been a senior member for at least five years may, on written application to the General Committee, be granted senior membership at a reduced rate of annual subscription as determined by the General Committee from time to time.

Fees $160.00

Crew Members:

Crew Members are for those over age of 18 years, and take an active role as a Crew member in club organised sailing events. They have non-voting members rights but Crew members are eligible to sit on sub committees of the General Committee. 

Fees $370.00

An additional nomination fee of $185.00 on application for new membership.

Junior Members:

Juniors are 7 years to under 18 years who have the opportunity to join our Junior Fleet and learn to sail dinghies in our Discover Sailing Training Centre. Training programs operated by Yachting Australia Qualified Instructors (Volunteer Members) teach the theory and practice of sailing and seamanship.

Fees $100.00

7 years of age to 18 years of age

Social Members:

Social Members are usually associates of Members who visit the Club frequently.

Fees $90.00

Day Membership:

Day membership is for casual attendees to the club renewable each day the person attends the club for sailing events.  Once you purchase a day pass you will be registered with Yachting Australia for that day.
You can download the Day Pass form here. Please submit it to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. before you go sailing.

Other Membership Types:

  • Absentee Members
  • Honorary Life Members
  • Life Members
  • Age Pensioner Members
  • Honorary Members
  • Community Members (may be conferred on an organisation that has an activity or interest in the club)
  • Reciprocal Club Members (may be conferred on a person who is a member of a Reciprocal club and who has a vessel on the register of that Reciprocal club)

Other Costs

Marina Rental: $2660.00 per year.
Hardstand Rental: $2660.00 per year
Marina/Hardstand Maintenance Fee: $160.00
Dinghy Rack: $400.00 per year.
Locker: $400.00 single - $200.00 shared per year.
Slip & Scrub: $275.00 for boats up to 11 meters in length and $350.00 for boats over 11 meters in length. Boat must be on the HBYC Club Register.
Yard Charges: Week 1 $30.00 - Week 2 $30.00 - Week 3 $60.00 - Week 4 $115.00 - Week 5 $170.00 (and thereafter)

Further Clarification and Notes

* YA Rules of Sailing - Rule 56 - Crew Eligibility.  Yachting Australia (YA) prescribes that except in an international event, any crew member that sails in more than 3 races in any one sailing season, shall be a member of a Club affiliated to an MYA and a YA Card Holder.  It shall be the responsibility of the person in charge of any boat to ensure that all crew members on board for each race comply with this prescription.  A Club may seek dispensation from this requirement from the MYA. Advice of such dispensation shall be included in the Notice of Race and Sailing Instructions.  MYA=State Body, i.e. Yachting Victoria, which HBYC is affiliated with.

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