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This page is to be updated with Rocket Science (Endeavor) information on how to hire and further information.

This yacht is available for all sailing members to use, provided they have finished a required induction program and at least one person has a Boat License. The new sail number will be H80.

Satie Photos

Shakedown crew

The official "Shakedown Crew" on the way to the start line.

Leading the fleet

Satie leads the S80 fleet - this is a fast boat!

Satie 2


Satie before

Interior Before

Satie in progress

Interior During Refit

Hobsons bay
Yacht club

est. 1888
20 June 2017

Classics - Winter Series - Race 4 - Abandoned

Race 4 of the Classic Winter Series was abandoned ...

20 June 2017

What's on at Hobbos - 20 June 2017

This week's edition of What's on at Hobbos is out ...

16 June 2017

Classics - Winter Series - Race 4 - Pre-Notes

Peter Costolloe has sent through the pre-race note...

A ship in port is safe, but this is not what ships are built for. Sail out to sea and do new things!

Grace Hopper

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26 June 2017

SingWest Choir

7:00 PM - 10:00 PM
Event Category: Social Event
Location: HBYC Hall

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