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This page is to be updated with both Satie (S80) and Rocket Science (Endevor) information on how to hire and further information.


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Policies of use are being developed and will be published here when ready.

Once refitted, this yacht will be available for all members to use, provided they have finished a required induction program and at least one person has a Boat License. The new sail number will be H80.

Read the first report for the General Committee here

Task Member Responsible Completed?
Check electronics, replace as necessary John O'Grady In progress
Remove all gear/stocktake Ian Robertson/David Judge Yes
Mast Removal John/Erikkson/Ian Robertson Yes
High Pressure Deck Clean David Judge Yes
Polish topsides Mark Shehan Yes
Lubricate Sail Hanks Maureen Dickins/Callum Yes
Clean interior John Tremewen/Ian Robertson Yes
Paint interior John Tremewen/Ian Robertson In progress
Service Engine Rodney Muller
Replace Standing Rigging Paul Bartley Marine Yes
Check all deck fittings Gary Cook


Deck scrub with Ajax Dylan Graham and team Yes
Service winches Rod Langham Yes
Vanish Tiller Eddie Mac In progress
Halyard replacement Rodney Langham/Mathew Butterworth
Remove SM stickers

Satie Photos

Shakedown crew

The official "Shakedown Crew" on the way to the start line.

Leading the fleet

Satie leads the S80 fleet - this is a fast boat!

Satie 2

Satie before

Interior Before

Satie in progress

Interior During Refit

Hobsons bay
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16 June 2016

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30 June 2016

Learn about Sailing Session 4

7:30 PM - 9:00 PM
Event Category: Seminar/Training

The course will start at 7.30pm at the HBYC clubhouse and go to approximately 9pm. Note that the bar is open on Thursday evenings in case you want to arrive earlier.

The structure of the course is flexible with the aim to give a broad understanding of sailing concepts. Content will include

  • Sailing terms and definitions
  • Sailing in Port Phillip
  • Knots
  • Weather
  • Understanding different yacht types
  • How to be a useful crew member

I intend on it being a relaxed format with plenty of opportunities for questions and maybe a quiz or two! If you know of others who might be interested, let me know as we have availability.

If you wish to contact me, best way is email to davidjudge1999@hotmail.com or 0417 526 438.

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